Adult mental health

One in four people in the world will be affected by psychological or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. A range of effective treatment options exist to address psychological disorders.

Adult ADHD

Symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder can persist into adulthood. This can cause significant disruption in both professional and personal life as well as contribute to a range of psychological problems.

Psychological illness in pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth increase the likelihood of developing emotional health conditions. The most common are depression and anxiety which can be treated with a range of safe and effective options.

Older persons’ mental health

Healthy ageing in intrinsically linked to good mental health. Psychological illness can be precipitated by medical illness, frailty, social isolation, etc. A careful evaluation and individually tailored management plan is required under these circumstances.


The goal of effective therapy is not just to alleviate distress but also to improve psychological resilience, understand emotions, promote self-care, improve interpersonal dynamics and understand the influence of past experiences on current behaviour.

Medico legal assessments

Capacity Assessment for older persons including welfare guardianship, power of attorney, etc, PPPR : Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act medical report writing, Immigration Medical psychiatric assessment, ACC psychiatrist report. As a specialist, I can provide independent medico legal examinations and evaluations in respect of impairment and disability.

Support for healthcare professionals

Because of its inherent focus on caring for others, the healthcare profession can result in professionals side-lining their own psychological health. There are increasing concerns of burnout amongst medical staff as well as psychological illness that can go unaddressed. Quite often a proper assessment and support plan can improve the overall quality of health significantly. 

Dr. Sidhesh Phaldessai 

an adult and older persons private psychiatrist

His Auckland psychotherapy services help adults of all ages with mental health. If you’re worried about depression, anxiety or ADHD in yourself or someone you’re close to, he can help bring clarity, perspective and provide support.