Medico legal assessments

As a specialist, Dr. Sidhesh Phaldessai can provide independent medico legal examinations and evaluations in respect of impairment and disability.

Medico legal services:

1) Capacity assessment for enduring power of attorney, welfare EPOA and property EPOA in older persons. 

2) PPPR – Protection of Personal and Property Rights capacity assessment for older people

3) Testamentary capacity i.e. a person’s legal and mental ability to make or alter a valid will

4) Immigration medical psychiatric assessment

5) ACC assessment – please note that I do not have a contract with ACC for regular assessment

Dr. Sid Phaldessai

A medico legal report contains the results of psychiatric assessment and Dr. Sidhesh Phaldessai’s expert opinion for use in legal proceedings before a court, tribunal or other decision maker. If you are a firm of medico legal solicitors, an individual or have a family member who requires a medico legal report, get in touch with us.