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Dr. Sidhesh Phaldessai is an adult and older persons psychiatrist working in full- time private practice in Auckland. 

Sidhesh has experience in the assessment and management of a range of mental health presentations. His areas of interest include depressive disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorders, substance use disorders and psychosis in adults and the elderly. He also has expertise in capacity and competency assessments in older people and managing cognitive disorders such as dementia. 

Balanced approach

Dr. Phaldessai believes in a thorough approach, balancing the use of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapies as well as supportive interventions. He values accessibility, communication and collaboration with patients and families.

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Skilled, Experienced, Approachable & Non-Judgmental

Sidhesh Phaldessai was trained at and has worked with adult and geriatric mental health services in Australia, New Zealand and India. Sidhesh brings in a wealth of knowledge from his diverse training experience as well as a unique cultural perspective. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP), member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych – UK) and has a doctor of medicine degree in psychiatry from India (MD in Psychiatry).

Maternal mental health

He has a special interest in perinatal psychiatry, having completed a dissertation on psychological illness in pregnancy.

Mental health in older adults

Sidhesh also holds a specialist certificate in older persons mental health from the RANZCP college.

Psychiatry and psychotherapies

Dr. Sidhesh draws upon his in-depth knowledge of the current medical guidelines and approach towards medicines and psychotherapies. This is balanced with his deep understanding of ancient eastern philosophies regarding psychological distress that have stood the test of time and are now being rediscovered. 

When he is not juggling multiple roles, he likes to paint, go hiking and engage his friends in thoughtful debate around the meaning and purpose of life. People who know him well just call him Sid. 

What is psychotherapy?

Focus on psychodynamic therapy:

Psychodynamic therapy has proven, long-lasting effects: improving well-being and resilience, reducing distress and reducing relapse risk of anxiety and depressive symptoms.

The essence of psychodynamic therapy is to explore those areas of the self that are not fully known to us. These blind spots can create recurring patterns of behaviour throughout our lives that can significantly impact on our sense of self as well as our interpersonal relationships and quality of life.

As there are subconscious influences that prevent us from knowing these aspects of ourselves fully; these patterns can usually be explored only with a skilled therapist. The behaviours tend to recur within the therapeutic relationship and by observing and understanding them in real time the person is then empowered to break the chain.

How long are the psychotherapy sessions?

Psychotherapy sessions are usually once or twice a week and the therapy may be time limited or open ended. You’ll find more information on cost of sessions on our Contact page.

What happens in psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic therapy encourages the person to explore and understand the full range of their emotional experiences, to gently explore attempts to avoid distressing thoughts and feelings, to identify recurring themes and patterns throughout their lives, to use past experiences effectively to improve current interpersonal relationships and use the therapy as a safe base to explore a range of feelings and thoughts. 

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Dr. Sidhesh Phaldessai –
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